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Material you will need:  

Wrapping Paper:

You will need plenty of wrapping papers, so save old newspapers. But keep in mind, however, that the ink on some newsprint never thoroughly dries. Consequently, the goods you wrap in newspapers are most likely going to be soiled and will require cleaning after unpacking.  


You will need many cartons in assorted sizes. All boxes should be in good condition and must have covers on them so that they can be closed and sealed. You can purchase cartons from you movers. As all paper products are expensive and specially designed for movers cartons are no exception. With the huge investment in cartons a mover can not afford to give them away. You may also start collecting cartons from your local grocery shop and liquor stores. All too often grocery cartons have the tops removed, but if you program in advance, may get
cartons with covers. Liquor cartons are excellent, as they are sturdy and contain covers and dividers, ideal to pack goblets, vases and glasses.  

Sealing Tape:

The best tape for this purpose is plastic tape. Your rolls of tape should be at least 2 inc


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