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Explore Pakistan | Cities | Layyah لیہ
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Old Sabzi Mandi LayyahLayyah District (Urdu ضلع لیہ) is a district in the Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in the southern part of the province. The capital is Layyah.




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The town was founded around 1550 by Kamal Khan, a Mirani Baloch and a descendant of the founder of Dera Ghazi Khan. Around 1610, the town was taken from the Mirani rulers by the Jaskani Balochs, who held it until 1787. Abdun Nabi Sarai was appointed governor by Timur Shah Durrani, but three years later it was included in the governorship of Muhammad Khan Sadozai, who transferred his seat of government to Mankera.

In 1794, Humayun Shah, the rival claimant to the throne of Kabul, was captured near Leiah and brought into the town, where his eyes were put out by order of Zaman Shah. Under the Sikh government, the town once more became the centre of administration for the neighbouring tract, and on the British occupation in 1849, was for a time the headquarters of the District. In 1861 however, the District was broken up, and Leiah became a part of Dera Ismail Khan. But in 1901, was transferred to the new District of Mianwali. After partition, in Pakistan Layyah was become the part of District Muzzaffargarh and in 1983 it was again separated from district Muzzaffargarh and given the status of district with three tehsils (Layyah, Karor Lal Eisan and Chaubara). The, municipality was created in 1875. The population, according to the 1901 census was 7,546. The income during the ten years ending 1902-3 averaged Rs. 9,900, and the expenditure Rs. 10,100. In 1903-4, the income was Rs. 10,600, chiefly derived from octroi, and the expenditure was Rs. 10,600. The chief industry of Leiah at that time was the manufacture of blankets. The town contained a dispensary and a municipal Anglo-vernacular middle school.

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In Layyah, the Arain, Mirani ,Chandia Balouch And Syed And baloch tribes are in majority. The other main tribes of Layyah are Jutt, Bhullar, Kalroo, Sipple, Gujjar, Qureshi, Bhatti and Balouch. Mirani Balouch kept a long history of Layyah.

The majority of the people in Layyah are native speakers of Saraiki language, more than 90 % population is Saraiki speaing, Punjabi and Urdu is also widely spoken after the partition (1947). The medium of education is Urdu and English

  • Paharpur

    Paharpur is a town of Layyah District which is situated at the south border of Layyah and Muzaffargarh with a population of about 25,000. It contains a Government High School for both boys and girls at matriculation level. And couple of other private school has been founded in last four years, The town is connected to the rest of Pakistan by the Pakistan Railways and General Transport. The Indus River borders the west of the town. The main road passing through the town is Multan Road, which connects Multan to Layyah. The town is basically agricultural, with the major products being cotton, wheat and sugar cane.

  • Kot Sultan

    Kot Sultan is a town of Layyah District. Which is situated at the south area of district Layyah on the eastern bank of the INDUS river. Its total population is about 50,000. There is a Police Station which eara is very long but nefry is very small. There is also exist Railway Station. The town is basically agricultural, with the major products being cotton, wheat, sugar cane and pepper (Hari Mirch). It has Water Purification Plant and THQ hospital. There are main clans as:- Syed, Manjotha, Jam,Gurmani Tangwani, Sergani, Arain, Sahu, Khirani, Potters, Shakh, Dasti, and Wanjhara.Syed and Manjotha are settled here very ancient time.The famous personality of place is Mian Abdul Sattar.He was the ex nazim of the village.His wife was appointed as the female member of district assembly.She was the first women of Layyah who gained the highest vote of 49 out of 50.

  • Fateh Pur

    Fateh Pur ( Urdu فتح پور), a newly established (1980's) but most developed city in District Layyah, got status as Sub-Tehsil (since January 7, 2007,) in Tehsil Karor (Laal Eason). It has a large population of approximately 1,300,000 people (estimated in July, 2009). Approximately more than 95% of total population consists of the migrants from Indian Punjab (1947) which settled in Fateh Pur after leaving central Punjab in 1970ís and later. The city is famous for its well planned ifrastructure development, clean and broad roads and streets and civilized population. Due to brave people of the area, it is also called the residence of TIGERS of THAL.

    According to the recent survey (2009) of a local NGO "Regional Youth Development Organization" (RYDO), approximately 16,000 (12.322% of total Population) students of all ages and levels are studying in these schools and colleges. According to a survey made by a local student based NGO (Fateh Pur Science Council) in 2007, the literacy rate in urban and rural areas of Fateh Pur is approximately 79 percent and 53 percent respectively. Due to this very good literacy rate, the people in Fateh Pur are well educated, settled, organized and civilized.(The People of Fateh Pur & Region Demand a Medical Collage in this city because this city is located on ideal location & infrastructer / HighWay and no Medical Collage in between the Multan to Rawalpindi. This Area is Easy Accessable / Connected upto with Bhakkar, Jhang, Muzafargarh, Sargodha, Mianwali Districts )


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NGOs Sector

Savail Welfare Society (R) Kot Sultan District Layyah 2. Balooch Flah - E - Mareezan Kot Sultan District Layyah 3. Al-Khidmat Foundation, Layyah 4. Kaba bait ullah welfare society Kot sultan district layyah.(for blind and deff person) 5- Jhok Khan Wala Faoundation Kot Sultan


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Layyah District (formerly spelled as Leiah) is bounded to the North by Bhakkar District, to the east by Jhang District. The Indus River flows to its Western side across which lies district Dera Ghazi Khan and to the south Muzaffargarh District.


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District Layyah has an area of 6291 square kilometres and comprises three tehsils:

  • Layyah

  • Chaubara

  • Karor

Sub Tehsils

On January 7, 2007, Fateh Pur and Chowk Azam got the status of a new sub tehsils of Layyah

  • Fatehpur

    Fatehpur a newly ESTABLISHED (1980's) but the MOST FAMOUS city in District Layyah, got status as Sub-Tehsil (since January 7, 2007,) in Tehsil Karor (Laal Eason). It has large population of approximately 1,30,000 people (estimated in July, 2009). Approximately more than 95% of total population consists of the migrants from Indian Punjab (1947) which settled in Fateh Pur after leaving central Punjab in 1970ís and later. The city is famous for its well planned ifrastructure development, clean and broad roads and streets and civilized population. Due to brave people of the area, it is also called the residence of TIGERS of THAL. For details, please check Fatehpur link.


    Chowk Azam is the most famous city of Layyah District.Chowk Azam is the heart of Layyah and Thal(Desert). One of the biggest cattle market,Great number of schools where more than 10,000 students are studying getting always top position from D.G.Khan board is a plus point.For details, please check Chowk Azam link.Now in 2009 population of Chowk Azam is estimated near about 150,000 . Chowk Azam is second biggest city of Layyah District .It has the second Minar-e-Pakistan and 70 percent of revenue of district Layyah is collected from Chowk Azam and still it is a town. Just shameful for administration

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Education Institutions

Government Educational Institutions in Layyah include

  • Recently Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) opened a sub-campus in Layyah.
  • A sub-campus of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU).
  • A sub-campus of University of Education.
  • Govt. Post Graduate College Layyah (G.C Layyah)
  • Govt. College for Women Layyah
  • Govt. College Feteh Pur (G.C Feteh Pur)
  • Govt. College for Women Fateh Pur
  • Govt. Commercial & Technical colleges, in Fateh Pur are ongoing projects Initiated by Ch. Pervaiz Ilahi
  • Al-Haadi Tibbiya College, Fateh Pur

  • Govt. College Chowk Azam(Layyah)

  • Govt. College Kot Sultan(Boys)

  • Govt. College Kot Sultan(Girls)

  • Govt. College of Commerce

  • Govt. Model High School for boys (Zia ur Rehman)

  • Govt. Model High School for girls

  • Govt. PolyTechnic Institute\

  • Al Wahhab public school [Boys/Girls]

  • Garrison Public High School Chowk azam

  • Govt. High School for boys, Fateh Pur

  • Govt. High School for girls, Fateh Pur

  • Govt. Model High School for girls, Fateh Pur

  • Beacon Light High School (girls & boys), Fateh Pur

  • Beacon Hall High School (girls & boys), Fateh Pur
  • The Educators (girls & boys), Fateh Pur
  • Faisal Public High School, Fateh Pur (Won presidential award twice)
  • Bilal Public High School, Fateh Pur
  • Pakistan Model Public High School, Fateh Pur
  • Garision Cadet High School, Fateh Pur
  • Hira Public High School for boys, Fateh Pur
  • Hira Public High School for girls, Fateh Pur
  • Iqra Model High School, Fateh Pur
  • Iqra Rohat-ul-Atfal Trust High School, Fateh Pur
  • Ali Public High School, Fateh Pur
  • Government Muslim High School Chowk Azam distt. Layaah
  • Milat Public School Chowk Azam distt. Layyah
  • District Public High School(Boys. Formerly Layyah Public High School
  • District Public Higher Secondary School(Girls. Layyah Public High School

Professional Layyans' Society

Professional Layyans' Society is the premier student organization in Layyah which represents all Undergraduate, Graduate, Master, Ph.D. Students & professionals who have connection with Layyah. Today The Professional Layyan's Society has more than 250 members in 28 universities across the country.

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Mega Project in Layyah

A mega project of Thal greater Canal has been started in Layyah from January 2007.

The word 'Leiah' itself is believed to be derived from 'Leian' in Saraiki language, a plural form of 'Lai' which is a name of bush. In former times, the land in Layyah (Leiah) was mostly covered by sand dunes with bushes (Leian). Therefore this place was known as 'Leian' which became 'Leiah' afterwards.

Majority of people in Layyah are native speakers of Saraiki language. Urdu and Punjabi is also understood and spoken. The medium of education is Urdu and English. The district had a population of 1,520,951 of which only 20.47% are urban in 2005.layyah is city of edocation. layyah is a backward area


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District at a Glance

  • Education: 79% (average of urban and rural) 53% male and 40% female.
  • Literacy in Urban and rural areas is 73.52% and 59.36% respectively
  • Safe Drinking Water Access: 89.96%

  • Electrciity availability: 80.96%

  • Main Towns:Layyah, Karor, Chobara, Fatehpur, Chowk Azam, Ladhana,Siwag Sharif,Tail Indus, Dohri Adda,Pahar Pur and Kot Sultan

  • Main Crops: Sugarcane, Wheat, Cotton, Gram and Guar seed etc.

  • Main Fruits: Mango, Watermelon, Melon, Citrus and Dates.

  • Main Vegetables: Onion, Green chilli (70% of the whole production in Pakistan) and Potatoes.

  • Forest: 34,338 acres (139 km≤)

  • Total Metalled Roads: 869 km

  • No. of Grid Stations: 7
  • No. of Telephone Exchanges: 18
  • Number of Industrial Units: 365
  • Major Industries: Cotton Ginning & Pressing, Flour Mills, Oil Mills and Sugar

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Notable People

Abdul Wahid, a well known English writer and Personal Development Trainer of USA was born in Fateh Pur sub-tehsil of Karor of Layyah District.

Dr. Naveed ul Hassan Alvi, scientist,PhD in nanoelectronics was born in Layyah

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